• Image of Ryne Ziemba “Cataclysmos” (Purple Vinyl)

Cataclysmos is a 12 song gem from Moon Bus artist Ryne Ziemba. VENTS Magazine describes music in the album as drawing “textures from soul music, glam rock, and shoegaze”. Ryne Ziemba is a Brooklyn artist who ended up there after years of hopping freight trains around the U.S. This is a unique release you do not want to miss.

Listen to featured single “Trying Not To Try”



1. Trying Not To Try

2. Lazy Boy Style

3. Muddy Mirror

4. Spirit Of The Raptor

5. Love In The Asylum

6. Message

7. The Hook

8. Ride Til We Die

9. Miracle Cure

10. Searching For

11. Stand On Your Own

12. Lick Your Face